Fusion774 is essentially anchored on the determination to drive three goals

Who we are

Fusion774 is a political and socio economic advocacy support group, for the enthronement of good governance, in the country. It has grassroot appeal that comprised of people of character, content, and socio-political worth, its  membership cutting across the 774 Local Governments  of the country.

Fusion774 was borne in response to majority of Nigerian’s resolve to advocate and agitate  for leadership that truly feels the pulse of its citizens; leadership that can be trusted; leadership that is deliberate about meeting the people’s yearnings and aspirations and, of course, leadership that is driven by the desire to serve and make significant impact going forward.

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our Strategic Mission!

Fusion774 is poised to express her mandate via advocacy visits, door to door campaigns, town halls, villages squares and strategic rallies across the country; Fusion774 intends to further drive deeper its campaigns into the hearts of the people by identifying potential voters through her pooling unit agent template/structure.

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Let’s make nigeria work again

As carriers of this democratic mandate, Fusion774 is therefore, the most authentic, expressive and authoritative voice of the people of Nigeria.